Will Akash kill Meethi?
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Akash married Meethi to fulfill his mother’s revenge of torturing Ichcha. But now since Ichcha isn’t alive anymore, he thought his mother’s revenge is over and Meethi can be freed. But Maiyya had other plans as she decided to kill Meethi and she gave Akash this responsibility.

For him it has become the biggest dilemma of his life since his feelings for Meethi have changed and was actually seen protecting her from Maiyya and family. Confused, Akash was seen battling with his inner voice but was unable to decide whether he should or shouldn’t fulfill his mother’s wishes. He has managed to get Meethi out of the haveli on the pretext that they’re returning to her house to meet Ichcha but the original plan is to end her life in the journey.

We don’t know if Akash will really kill Meethi or no but by the looks of it the chances seem to be slim. Even though he loves his mother too much and has seen her suffering for past 20 years, we have recently seen how he has started to think on a humanitarian level and doesn’t understand why Meethi should be responsible for the mistakes made in past. 

We just hope he acts on his words and takes Meethi back to her family. What do you think? Will he kill Meethi or let her go? Let us know in your comments below!

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