Will Bela confess her feelings to Mahir?
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  • September 22, 2018
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Tonight on Naagin 3, Bela runs into the jungle after Shahnawaz and kills him. Mahir and Ajitabh are looking for Bela and Vish. On finding them, Mahir questions Bela about what had happened. Bela denies remembering anything, however, Mahir claims that she does. Going forward, Bela hesitantly tells Mahir that he can sleep next to her on the bed but he doesn’t agree.




The next morning, we see Bela reaching the haveli to meet Aghori baba to clear her doubts. He tells her to confess her feelings to Mahir and as told, Bela is ready to reveal her identity and tell Mahir that she loves him. She goes to the study room and tells Mahir that she wants to speak with him about her feelings. Will she say it out loud?






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