Will Bela’s strategy work?
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This weekend on Naagin 3, Bela comes to Vish only to discover that she is pregnant and is appalled. Bela goes to get Mahir but ends up finding maasi and masa who are seen inspecting there. Sumitra, on the other hand, is informed by Hukum to be ready as Andhaka can be born anytime. The tantriks and aghoris inform Bela about Hukum’s magic and how it was meant to happen to her instead of Vish. Vikrant sees Bela outside the house but somehow she manages to escape. Where could she be? In the meantime, Yuvi sees a pregnant Vishaka and gets suspicious. What could be the next possible step?


Going forward, Vikrant joins Bela while she is in her naag form and together, they chase Sumitra. Vish, in the meantime, runs away from the car. Bela finds her but Vish is adamant and jumps off the cliff. Bela doesn’t leave Vish and jumps along with her. By now, Vish tries to go away but tells her the baby is about to come and faints.


What happens next? Tune in to Naagin 3 this weekend at 8 pm to find out all the truth!

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