Will Chakor convince Sooraj?
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  • June 26, 2018
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A Raw agent informs Sooraj of the danger that the Colonel is in and that they must save him. Sooraj meets Chakor and Vivaan and insists on departing for the Haveli immediately where he tells Chakor about everything that happened with him. Chakor encourages him to help the Raw Agent but Sooraj declines as he doesn't want to put their relationship under more stress. However, a true patriot that Chakor is, she meets the Raw Agent where he briefs her on his plan to save the Colonel. 

Sooraj meets Chakor at the Raw Headquarters and they drive to the haveli when Chakor tells Sooraj that he must help the Raw in their mission. Sooraj is adamant about not getting involved in this mission but Vivaan and Chakor insist on it.

What happens next? Stay tuned to Udaan to know more from Monday to Friday at 8:30 pm. 


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