Will Chakor save Imli?
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Chakor rescues Sooraj, Vivaan and herself but the goons come there to stop them from escaping. Imli arrives at the godown and starts shooting, Sooraj fights off the goon and Chakor saves Imli. Sooraj enquires about the gun and Imli tells him that she got it from someone. Vivaan informs Imli of how he got to know about her fake pregnancy. Imli loses her mind and Sooraj tells Chakor that Imli needs to go to a mental asylum however, Chakor argues against it. Chakor fights with everyone to keep Imli safe in the house. 

On the other hand, Sooraj reaches the warehouse to ask around about the gun. He proceeds to Sundargunj and finds out about the ammunition truck. He comes to know about Armaan and he is the one who gets Sooraj out of trouble. Meanwhile, Imli threatens to kill herself but Vivaan manages to save her in time. What happens next? Any guesses?

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