Will Colonel be able to trace Naina?
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Sooraj tells Naina that she is the only good thing that has happened to him in Sundarganj and later tells Chakor that he had to say that as the Bluetooth link between them was disconnected. Sooraj plans on meeting Naina with an excuse of returning her handkerchief and Chakor gets insecure watching the two of them together. Sooraj and Naina plan to meet again at the temple but Sooraj is held up by Deva and this makes Naina furious. She warns Sooraj that she despises late-comers. 


Naina's friend's birthday is coming up and the Colonel forbids her from going to Lucknow for the celebrations. This is where Sooraj steps in and promises to take her to Lucknow. They plan to depart in the night but while traveling back to the house they see Chakor has been hit by a car and Sooraj jumps in to help her. Naina questions Sooraj on seeing his reaction and asks him if they know each other. Abhay is upset with Sooraj as he put the mission at stake to save Chakor. That night Sooraj sneaks Naina out of the house but Colonel comes to know that Naina is missing from the house. He sets off to get her back.


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