Will everyone know the real side of Vishaka?
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Amongst all the conjecture around Karan's accident, Bultu fears the icchadhari naagin. With Andy and Sumithra busy with the preparations for the Haldi ceremony, Mahir takes it upon himself to assure that the marriage goes smoothly. Yuvi has challenged Vishaka to put haldi on him and she tries to flirt with him. While the ceremony is on, we see cops interrupting the ceremony as they have found a clue that could reveal the person behind the accident. Vishaka attempts to clear the clues which arouse Bela's suspicions about her. 

The sangeet ceremony begins, where Vishaka takes her form of a snake and is seen by people on the jhoomar in the hall. Andy shoots the snake and Bela witnesses Vishaka escaping the hotel. Bela follows Vishaka into the haveli and is shocked when she finds out the truth but will she be able to expose her?  Karan enters the sangeet ceremony and everyone is shocked to see him out of coma. He now has revelation to make. 






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