Will Kritika be able to help Ranbir?
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Malishka spikes Ranbir's drinks and tries to take advantage of his condition, but Ranbir refrains from all of it. He doesn’t let her come close to him and slaps her instead. This doesn’t go down too well with Malishka and she’s set to take revenge. Once he gets home, Akki notices the wounds but he doesn't say anything to Ranbir. He calls Jiya instead and asks her if Ranbir and Kritika fought. 


Later, Ranbir calls up Kritika to talk about his proposal and then invites her along with Jiya and Ishaani over to his house. Ranbir is excited about Kritika's visit but Malishka reaches the Kapoor mansion along with the cops. They arrest Ranbir, and Batra creates drama in order to suspend any chances of Ranbir's bail. 




Kritika gets to know about whatever has happened and feels disgusted with Malishka, but will she be able to help Ranbir out?





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