Will Ranbir find Kritika?
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Yash tries to take advantage of Kritika and she runs around asking for help, but everyone there is Yash's friends. To escape him, she enters a cold storage room where she gets trapped. Ranbir is looking for Kritika but is called away to cut his cake, and he tells Jiya that Kritika has probably left. Kritika is freezing inside the room and suddenly Ranbir feels as if something is not right. Following his heart, he reaches the cold storage room and is shocked to see Kritika. He too enters the room and gets trapped, but he takes care of Kritika in the room. 





Jiya finds them and takes them to a room and after regaining consciousness, Ranbir confesses of his feeling to her and Kritika runs away from him. Ranbir rushes behind her but is stopped by Malishka. He sends Kritika a text asking her to meet him. This leaves Kritika wondering whether she should go meet him or not. What happens next? Any guesses?



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