Will Simar save Roli? Sasural Simar Ka Recap: 10th-16th July
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Jhumki tried to show Veeru that she made an attempt to kill Simar by placing a live wire under the puja thali. Prem pulled Simar back at the nick of time, and saved her, but later found out that there was no electricity in the wire. (Watch as Simar is saved)

When Mataji made Siddhant give the traditional bangles to Jhumki, Siddhant was very upset about his betrayal of Roli, but had to do it because of Mataji’s health. Jhumki was also very upset about Veeru’s condition, but didn’t reveal anything to Simar.

Veeru was angry when he saw that Simar was saved, and gave Jhumki 48 hours to kill Simar, and that Jhumki would listen to Veeru this time. (Watch as Veeru warns Jhumki)

The next day, during the mehendi ceremony, the whole family was very excited over the celebrations, but Jhumki was tensed and upset, which Simar noticed. Simar answered a call on Jhumki’s phone when Jhumki wasn’t around, and discovered that Bantu had been kidnapped, but Veeru made Bantu mislead Simar, saying that it was a prank. When Simar questioned Jhumki, she didn’t say anything about Bantu’s kidnapping. (Watch as Simar gets the first hint about Bantu)

Veeru told Jhumki that one of his men was in the house to make sure that Simar dies, and Jhumki would just have to follow instructions. Jhumki realized that Veeru planned to have the chandelier fall on Simar and that he had installed cameras around the house to keep track of her.

When the celebrations began, Simar started her performance and Veeru instructed Jhumki to take Simar below the chandelier, just as it was coming loose. Jhumki prayed to God and joined her in the act, and when the chandelier fell, Jhumki realized that Simar had been saved! (Watch Simar’s near death experience here)

Veeru was shocked to see his second attempt fail, but was saved from killing Bantu by Khushi, who wanted to exploit the young boy.

The family was shocked about Simar’s accident, and Jhumki was feeling guilty about it. In her room, Simar shocked Jhumki by confronting her about the attempts on her life, but when Jhumki told her about Bantu’s kidnapping, she immediately made a plan to save him. (Watch as Simar consoles Jhumki)

Accordingly, Jhumki told Veeru that she would kill Simar in the old house of the Bharadwaj family where no one ever went.

Just then, the real Roli was shown in a dark dingy place, in a miserable condition. She was being held hostage by a goon, but was missing Siddhant. In Bharadwaj house, even Siddhant was missing Roli and he thought he heard Roli call out to him. (Watch the scene here)

Jhumki and Simar planned to go to the old haveli in the evening, after the maha aarti in the temple, but had to change their plan when Mataji suddenly took ill, causing them to postpone the maha- aarti. Simar and Jhumki left for the haveli after making an excuse of a surprise for the family.

When Simar and Jhumki came to the haveli, they were scared with its decrepit state and the fear of what they would see next. Roli was in one of the rooms of the haveli, and when she heard some sounds, she thought that someone was in the haveli, and started to struggle to let someone know that she had been kept there. (Watch Roli’s struggle here)

But just then, Veeru and Khushi arrived with Bantu, and Simar and Jhumki started their drama as Simar pretended to be shocked at Veeru’s presence. As per plan, Jhumki pretended to stab Simar. Veeru was very happy about the success of his plan, but went ahead to check if Simar was actually dead or not. (Watch the scene here)

Simar’s fate has brought her closer to Roli once again. Will Simar manage to save Roli from her kidnappers in time?

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