Will the Awasthi’s impress Ahana?
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This week, the Awasthi family are geared up to impress Ahana. Wondering who Ahana is? We’ll tell you. Ahana is Premlata’s friend’s daughter who will be visiting the Awathi Niwas from London. Coming from London, Premlata thinks that she will be the perfect fit for Naren. She tells this to the family and everyone gets ready to impress her during her stay. To create a great first impression, the Awasthi’s even call for an English teacher who will help in grooming the them. However, during the process, Jeetendra by mistake throws an egg on him. Not just that, even Premnath and Dada ji throw something on his clothes. This obviously pisses the teacher and he walks away on anger.





On the next day, Ahana is seen entering the Awasthi Niwas who calls her uncle along. Can you guess who this uncle is? How does Ahana react on seeing the family? Also, in an upcoming sequence Roopa comes to know of someone called Chandni who Laddoo was once very close to. Will Laddoo tell Roopa all about Chandni? Stay tuned to know what happens next.






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