Yash Dasgupta’s freaky business
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Yash Dasgupta a.k.a as Karan from Na Aana is Des Laado seems to have no boundaries when it comes to love. When one normally hears the words “sensuous date” one usually thinks about candle-light dinners, dim lights and maybe some champagne to give it a bubbly touch but same is not in the case of Yash. How does a date on a Kayaki or while para-gliding sound? Freaky!


Yes, this is the kind of a date Yash would like to have with a girl. He is more into the idea of having an adventurous one and shared a few of his ideas with us, “It could be a date where the girl and me take a Kayaki and row to a far-away island for a cozy dinner. I like to add some touch of adventure, girls also like that.” 

We asked if such a date has ever occurred in his life and he revealed some of the stories. “I took my girl for para-gliding and while we were mid-air I proposed to her and said that I really like her and would she like to be my girlfriend. Her first response was ‘are you seriously asking me this here when the ocean is below us?’ she was totally freaked out!”

We can’t really blame her, hanging in mid-air with only vast amount of ocean below doesn’t really scream romantic. Maybe Yash could pick up a few tips from his best friend Shresth Kumar a.k.a as Aditya from Laado whose idea of a sensuous date is to go on a hot-air balloon during sunset and see the sky turn color while sipping on some bubbly. Now that’s really mushy and safe too right?

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