Yuvi to find out his real mother
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  • September 11, 2012
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Uttaran has been revisiting history. First Meethi found out about Ichcha, then Rathore came back and met his daughter Mukta and now its time Yuvi will come to know about his real mother.

Till now Yuvi has been living with Veer and Bundela family and was brought up by Amla. But in a major turn of events Yuvi will come to know from Gunwanti that Ichcha is in fact his real mother and all this would happen when Yuvi is in jail!

Why is he in jail? Well, he was caught trying to molest Mukta and was put behind bars by none other than Ichcha herself. When the latter comes to meet him in jail and tries to advise, Yuvi questions her position to even lecture him. That is when Gunwanti makes an entry and reveals the age old truth that Ichca is his mother. 

Hearing this, Yuvi will feel more hatred towards Ichcha and this will create more drama in everyone's lives.

If you missed the Maha episode which led to this situation, we say click here.


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