Yuvraj bowled over by Nitish’s talent
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IGT has now completed 2 semi final rounds and both have been a star studded event. For Semi Final 3 we yet again see Yuvraj Singh gracing the sets. Its been innumerable times that Yuvraj Singh has proven his talent on the field of cricket, made us proud when he significantly contributed in getting the World Cup home but when he came on IGT he was left astounted by the mirth of talent.

And one such talent to have caught Yuvi's eyes was Nitish Bharti, the sand artist. Nitish had a tough start in career and due to financial crisis he had to work as a helper in a coaching classes. But it was his mom who supported him and encouraged him to take up his passion of art and here today is Nitish displaying his work of art. Yuvi was impressed to see Nitish draw Lord Ganesha by using particular alphabets or numbers, naming this art form ‘Akshar Ganesh’. But the real showdown started when Nitish started depicting Yuvraj's survival story in his art. 

We all know how Yuvi struggled with cancer and fought his way through and we are immensely proud of him. But for him it was a tedious journey, one which he feels he couldn't have made it through without his mother. And to celebrate this loving bond between mother-son Colors surprised Yuvi by calling his mother to the sets. When Nitish started drawing Yuvi's journey, the usually tough cricketer couldn't control his tears from falling. Looking at his cancer pictures brought back painful memories for Yuvraj, who walked away in tears and came back to say “Sorry yaar, I got emotional after seeing the pictures. Its difficult for a cancer patient to watch these images and there were times I didn't like seeing myself in the mirror in those days. God himself couldn't be there so in that hard time, my mother was with me” and gave her a tight hug.

Even our judges were moved by Nitish's sand paintaing and Karan, who's father was also a cancer patient, said “while there is no species stronger than women, you Yuvraj are an inspiration to millions in the world.” For Nitesh he added, “your ability is that you manage to engage the audience. Your energy and passion leaves me astounded. You made every emotion come alive.”

Even Yuvraj was of the opinion that Nitish's talent is unnerving. He said, “I have never seen such a talent, you made me cry. All I can say is that your gifted. You  showed us my entire life in a few minutes and all I want to say is thank you.”

Well we guess what they say is true, while God can't be omnipresent, He gave us mother. Kudos to these two men and the women who have stood behind them and to all those who have fought their way in life and come out as winners!


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